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Born from Frustration

This podcast was born from the frustration that there exists a massive community of fitness and wellness professionals who have deep expertise in improving health and wellness, yet they are, for all intents and purposes, disconnected from medical and healthcare system.

The result? An ever-increasingly diseased population and escalating healthcare costs. The solution? Create a medium to bridge the gap between the fitness/wellness community and the healthcare system. The medium? The Wellness Paradox Podcast.

The Paradox

The term healthcare is not accurate. What we’ve developed is a system of sickcare and that will not change until we address the Wellness Paradox. This paradox is self-evident when explored. Allied health professionals with the deepest expertise in actual HEALTHCARE (i.e., fitness and wellness professionals) exist outside of the healthcare continuum resulting in a model that merely manages the diseased and dying rather than improving health and wellbeing.

Who Is This Podcast For?

Everyone has a podcast nowadays and you have limited time to listen, so we want to be clear who should listen to THIS podcast. If you’re a fitness or a wellness professional looking for the following this podcast is for you:

  • Improvement in client outcomes by learning the latest evidence-based interventions on exercise, nutrition, and coaching techniques.
  • Achieving higher and more consistent income through learning more effective and scalable business practices.
  • Understanding the traditional medical and healthcare ecosystem and how to effectively build relationships to improve client health outcomes while at the same time growing your business.


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