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The 5 Keys to Breaking the Paradox with Dr. Tom Rifai



The 5 Keys to Breaking the Paradox with Dr. Tom Rifai

Our Guest: DR. TOM RIFAI

Dr Tom Rifai is a physician expert in the areas of lifestyle medicine and metabolic health coaching for wellness, weight loss and disease prevention. He has worked with countless patients to reverse or substantially improve their type 2 and prediabetes, heart disease and unparalleled skills in healthy, sustainable weight management. Many physicians claim to be expert in metabolic health, lifestyle medicine and weight management. Exceedingly few have Dr. Rifai's well established experience at the highest levels of multidisciplinary care nor his personal insights as a recovering binge eater (see link at bottom). His evidence based training and clinical approach is one of "lifestyle first, medications only if necessary". Dr Rifai has been elected a Fellow of the American College of Physicians for his leadership in education of physicians and medical students in lifestyle medicine and type 2 diabetes prevention. He recently served as Regional Medical Director of Metabolic Health and Weight Management for the world renown Henry Ford Health System of Metro Detroit, Michigan - helping make unprecedented strides in standardizing and integrating multiple different program offerings throughout the system to one based on a solid, unified curriculum based on his Reality Meets Science® based 5 Keys to optimal wellness, weight loss and disease prevention: Understanding Nutrition, Understanding Activity, "Mind Matters" (psychological and spiritually related issues), Environments (e.g., food, social) and Accountability (whether to a program like RMS, a hospital based program or even self-monitoring tools like food and fitness apps or groups).

For more information on Dr. Rifai and his company Reality Meets Science, go to:

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