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DEI at Michigan Medicine w/Dr. Ebony Parker-Featherstone



DEI at Michigan Medicine w/Dr. Ebony Parker-Featherstone

In episode 11 we’re joined by family medicine physician Dr. Ebony Parker-Featherstone. In addition to her role as a practicing physician at Michigan Medicine she is also the director of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee for Family Medicine. This conservation will discuss some foundational concepts of DEI and then expand into the broader implications of DEI for clinical care and patient/client outcomes. As Dr. Parker-Featherstone points out, an acute awareness of DEI is critical improving overall population health, particularly in underserved/underrepresented communities. This is a very important discussion at a very critical juncture in addressing the social determinants of health.

Our Guest: Dr. Ebony Parker-Featherstone

Dr. Parker-Featherstone earned her medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School (2006). She completed her residency training with the Department of Family Medicine (2009). She completed a women’s health fellowship with the U-M Department of Obstetrics (2010). She is interested in adolescent health and family planning. She is the medical director at Ypsilanti Family Medicine. Dr. Parker-Featherstone is the director of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Department of Family Medicine.

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