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The Role of Nervous System Regulation in Health w/Dr. Lederman


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The Role of Nervous System Regulation in Health w/Dr. Lederman

Unlock the door to a calmer you with the help of Dr. Matthew Lederman as we navigate an area that is often overlooked by fitness professionals -  the parasympathetic nervous system. Imagine achieving a serene state of mind amidst the chaos of your daily life; this episode is your guidebook. Dr. Lederman returns to the Wellness Paradox podcast, amplifying our prior insights with advanced strategies for harmonizing our body's restful processes. We'll dissect the intricate dance between breath control and wellbeing, and I'll introduce you to webe kälm, an innovative tool created to enhance your path to better health. Our dialogue extends beyond theory, showcasing practical steps to seamlessly integrate breathwork into the rhythm of your daily routine.

The topics discussed in this episode are enlightening in two ways. First, we'll discuss how breathwork can assist  fitness professionals' clients in achieving better levels of recovery, health, and connection.  Secondly, we'll explore how breathwork  can be a potent tool for our own recovery, focus, and wellbeing as fitness professionals trying to care for others. Although many listeners likely haven't put much thought into the parasympathetic nervous system, this discussion makes clear its important role in improving the health, fitness, and wellbeing of our clients.

Our Guest: Dr. Matthew Lederman

Dr. Lederman began his professional medical career studying conventional Western medicine to become a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. He quickly realized more skills and tools were needed if he was going to help people achieve his definition of optimum health: to live in a state of, “Life Is Wonderful.” He began his personal and professional expansion starting with additional training in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, eventually participating in the documentary Forks Over Knives as well as co-authoring 6 books, including a NY Times Bestseller. Most recently he co-authored, “Wellness to Wonderful,” interweaving medical science, psychology, spirituality, and life wisdom to help people achieve lasting health, vibrancy, peace, and joy. He further expanded his arsenal of care by completing CNVC Trainer Certification as he found Nonviolent Communication to be the foundation on which mind-body and interpersonal healing lies. He is particularly passionate about bringing NVC into this world to support patients, parents, children, and work teams using technology and other creative outlets. In addition, he strongly believes that effective care must be trauma-informed, and supports that intention through his continued work with the Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Awareness Principles.

After 10 years in the corporate world serving as the Whole Foods Market Vice President of Medical Affairs helping launch their national comprehensive medical & wellness centers and integrated hospital and insurance network, Dr. Lederman moved on to build his newest ventures, WeHeal and webe kälm, with his work and life partner of 18 years. WeHeal & webe kälm are the culmination of decades of learning and practical experience organized into an easily accessible program and tools that do everything just short of guaranteeing lasting health, joy and satisfaction in your life. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his beautiful wife and two daughters who inspire him every day to do everything in his power to help heal this world.

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