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The First Mental Wellbeing Certification for Fit Pros


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The First Mental Wellbeing Certification for Fit Pros

Imagine transforming the darkest moments of your life into a beacon of hope for others. That's exactly what Lynne and Victor Brick did, channeling their personal pain into the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation. Join us as we uncover the power of fitness in mental wellness and discuss the foundation's pioneering Mental Wellbeing Certification. The Bricks' heartfelt stories, paired with their innovative approach, provide enlightening insights into how holistic lifestyle behaviors can serve as a cornerstone in the treatment and improvement of mental health.

As we wade through the aftermath of a global pandemic that has left an indelible mark on our collective mental health, the conversation has never been more pertinent. We tackle the importance of discovering a fitness routine that sparks joy and breeds consistency, underscoring the power of personal preference in fueling mental wellbeing. The episode navigates the nuanced interplay between different forms of exercise and specific mental health outcomes, arming fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike with science-backed strategies to champion mental health through movement.

In an era begging for collaboration, the trailblazing work of the John W. Brick Foundation and the Mental Wellbeing Association shines a light on the path forward. Delving into their extensive resources, we underscore the role of credible, scientifically validated wellness practices. By fostering a union between the fitness industry and medical professionals, the Bricks gift us a 'dose of happiness' roadmap, demonstrating the profound impact of knowledge and communication in revolutionizing mental health care and community wellbeing.

Our Guests: Victor & Lynne Brick

Victor Brick, M.Ed. and Lynne Brick, B.S.N, M.A began their journey in the fitness industry over 40 years ago. They founded Brick Bodies Fitness Services which operates 3 full-service gyms in the Baltimore, MD area.

In 2007 they co-founded Ohana Growth Partners, LLC (OGP) which is one of the largest franchisees in the Planet Fitness health club system, operating clubs throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Tennessee, Washington state, California, Florida, and Australia. OGP has earned numerous awards from Planet Fitness, including inaugural franchisee of the Year in 2014, Highest Average Brand Excellence Review (BER) Score winner in 2015, and Developer of the Year in 2014 and 2015.

Victor served on the inaugural Planet Fitness Franchise Advisory Council as chairman of the Real Estate Committee. He is a member of the Board for the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Global Wellness Summit. He is also on the Board of Directors for Defiance Fuel, which is the first structured water on the market.

Lynne previously served on the PF Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) from 2015-2018 and chaired the PE@PF committee from its inception until June 2019. She currently sits on the Planet Fitness Independent Franchisee Council’s (PFIFC) Government Relations committee and the Member Experience committee. Prior to her career in fitness, Lynne practiced nursing at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, the first shock trauma unit in the world.

In 2015 Victor and Lynne founded the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation in memory of Victor’s oldest brother John, who suffered from schizophrenia and died of complications from the disease.  The mission of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation is to change the way the world treats mental health. They do this by funding and promoting research and programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices as part of the mental health care delivery system. In 2020 Victor and his wife Lynne were recipients of the Global Wellness Summit Debra Simon award for leadership in furthering mental wellness.

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