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Revolutionizing Senior Wellbeing with Health and Technology


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Revolutionizing Senior Wellbeing with Health and Technology

Discover the enlightening journey of how GetSetUp, under the guidance of co-founder Lawrence Kosick, is redefining the engagement of aging adults with technology and wellness. In an engaging conversation, Lawrence unveils the origins of this transformative platform, born from a commitment to enhancing senior lives, particularly in the shadow of the pandemic's challenges. With a seamless blend of tech education and an enriching curriculum, GetSetUp emerges as a beacon for seniors seeking connection, activity, and mental sharpness within a digital realm crafted for their security and ease.

Venture into the landscape where health and wellness converge with the underserved, yet burgeoning market of the aging population. In an era where business acumen meets altruistic vision, we dissect the strategic importance of embracing this demographic, not only for entrepreneurial success but for the betterment of public health. The conversation illuminates the spectrum of programs GetSetUp offers, from nutritious cooking classes to dynamic exercise routines, all tailored by listening intently to the community's pulse.

Wrapping up, we examine how exercise professionals can significantly influence the senior care sector by forging alliances with health organizations and facilities.  The episode culminates with actionable insights on how fitness experts can integrate with the medical landscape, fostering a future where communication bridges are built, and the health of our older generation is fervently championed.

Our Guest: Lawrence Kosick

Lawrence is the co-founder of GetSetUp, a learning platform and community for older adults. He was inspired at a young age by the wisdom and potential of the older residents at his father's assisted living facility. With support from founders of LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Zynga, as well as executives from United Healthcare and Rally Health, Lawrence and co-founder Neil Dsouza launched GetSetUp, a virtual platform where older adults can discover and learn what they need to live happy, healthy, and independent lives. Previously, Lawrence oversaw Business Development and Partnerships for IFTTT, led Sight Machine's APAC operations, and was VP of Global Partnerships at Yahoo. Based in the Bay Area for the last 25 years, he is an avid cyclist and trail runner.

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GetSetUp is an online community of older adults who want to learn, connect with others and unlock new life experiences. Learn more about GetSetUp’s partnership with MDHHS by exploring classes that help empower older adults to learn, connect, and thrive at

MDHHS renews its partnership to continue providing GetSetUp virtual classes to empower older adults across Michigan





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