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From Healthcare Executive to Lifestyle Medicine Advocate


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From Healthcare Executive to Lifestyle Medicine Advocate

Embark on an enlightening exploration with Drew Smithson, whose journey from healthcare executive to lifestyle medicine advocate epitomizes the transformative power of wellness. Throughout our conversation, Drew opens up about his career evolution, fueled by an unwavering passion for fitness and bolstered by his experiences in nutritional science and healthcare administration. His personal battle with weight gain amidst the pressures of the industry and the pivotal moments leading to the creation of DescendingUpwards are not just his story, but a reflection of the broader struggle within the healthcare sphere to prioritize genuine well-being.

In today's healthcare climate, the irony of tireless leaders overlooking their own health is a paradox we unravel with Drew, particularly through the lens of his pilot program aimed at recalibrating the health of those on the front lines.  His transition to a clinical focus showcases an evolving perspective on patient care that champions the proactive integration of lifestyle factors.

Lastly, we navigate the synergy of fitness and healthcare, where Drew underscores the pivotal role that exercise professionals should play in patient wellness. Through our discussion, we dissect the opportunities and obstacles of incorporating fitness into traditional healthcare, the potential of wearable technology in everyday fitness routines, and the promising partnerships emerging between health and fitness experts. Drew's experiences and insights offer a compelling blueprint for a more proactive, comprehensive care model, aiming to bridge the gap and enhance the health and well-being of patients everywhere.

Our Guest: Drew Smithson

For the past 20yrs, Drew has had a very rewarding and blessed leadership career acting as a mentor, colleague and friend across the continuum of care being Acute, Ambulatory and Post-Acute care.  Drew served in many leadership capacities, but always kept a focus on Clinical Operations because it’s where strategy and practice come together to serve the clinical team and ultimately provide the best possible care to the communities they serve.  

Life events happen when you least expect them and have the potential to change one’s life focus and course.  He had just moved for a new role leading a major tertiary campus.  Soon after his family’s arrival, COVID hit and as life changed for many, same did for Drew.  Drew began experiencing health events while working long, strenuous hours in a new home, city, state and organization.  Life events such as major family moves and new jobs can be stressful, but add into it an emerging pandemic and less than ideal health status to the mix.  Within 6-8wks, Drew experienced several health events that led to a hospital visit and soon after several clinic visits that resulted in the words if I don’t change my current lifestyle, there is a high probability within 5-10yrs I could have serious health events. This was Drew’s major wake up call and led to his re-ignited passion for Medicine and Lifestyle. 

While he continues to focus through the lenses of an business leader, his interests and inspirations have shifted towards strategic innovations such as value (health) based care models and clinical integration efforts that are laser-focused on delivering high impact solutions that will improve the health and lifespan of every individual.

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