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Empowering Mental Health Through Holistic Fitness Coaching


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Empowering Mental Health Through Holistic Fitness Coaching

When Melissa Merkle stepped into the fitness industry, her personal battles with mental health illuminated the path to a more holistic approach in health coaching. In our latest Wellness Paradox podcast episode, she shares how deep listening and cultivating relationships with clients go beyond the typical workout regimen to address mental health. We unravel the complexities fitness professionals face in supporting their clients' mental well-being and the transformative potential of exercise and lifestyle changes. This eye-opening conversation underscores the necessity of a tailored approach in exercise and nutrition programming for those navigating mental health challenges.

Bridging the gap between the fitness and medical communities, our discussion spotlights the instrumental role fitness professionals can play in mental health. With insights into the art of truly hearing clients and the delicate balance of maintaining professional boundaries, we navigate the intricacies of fostering trust without crossing into therapeutic territories. The episode peels back the layers on how fitness professionals can serve as crucial allies for individuals facing mental health issues, providing evidence-based strategies to complement the care offered by healthcare providers.

Our Guest: Melissa Merkle

Melissa is a ​Speaker and Health and Fitness Expert, specializing in ​Mental Health & Wellbeing. With 20+ years in the wellness industry, she's observed ​countless women (including herself) trapped in cycles of ​unhealthy diets and workout routines that only left them ​feeling defeated, depressed, and unwell.

After battling her own mental health issues, she is on a ​mission to change the way the world views and treats ​mental health. She believes that mental health is really brain health, and there’s ​a lot you can do to keep your brains running efficiently.

Her one-of-a-kind program, Nutrition for ​Mental Wellbeing™, incorporates research-based ​nutrition strategies to improve brain health, boost ​energy, rediscover a positive, resilient mindset, and find ​freedom from stress and depression. She believes that what you eat isn’t about the number on the ​scale.  It’s about keeping your brain healthy in order to feel ​your best.

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