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Leadership & Culture Building in the Fitness Industry


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Leadership & Culture Building in the Fitness Industry

Episode 34 of the Wellness Paradox Podcast brings us to a discussion I am incredibly passionate about – leadership and building a strong culture within an organization. What it takes to be a great leader and to build a strong organizational culture is often misunderstood. Furthermore, in such a “young” industry, like fitness and wellness that’s identity is continuously evolving, leadership and culture can be a challenge.

To address this topic and provide actionable solutions, we’re joined by Luke Carlson from Discovery Strength. His background is a unique combination of evidence-based exercise science and evidence-based leadership/culture building. Not only does Luke lecture around the country on the topic of leadership, he has built his own high performing organization, with a strong culture of leadership, evolution, and growth! Luke is not someone that just talks of “leadership theory,” he lives and breathes it every day in his business!

This conversation will spark not only inspiration, but action. Many people are long on ideas, but short on action – not Luke. This is a value conversation for all aspiring leaders, looking to build a strong organizations culture, not just in fitness, but in any industry!

Our Guest: Luke Carlson

Luke Carlson is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Discover Strength’s personal training studios are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in North America. Luke speaks around the world on leadership, management, and evidence-based exercise. Luke is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist and has a BS and MS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and graduated from the Executive Leadership, Strategy and Innovation program at Stanford University. He received an Honorary PhD from Solent University in Southhampton, England. Luke has presented to audiences in a variety of industries across the globe; he has been a featured speaker at FILEX in Australia, TaiSPO in Taiwan, ChinaFit, the Annual IHRSA Convention, the IHRSA European Congress, The Fitness Leaders’ Summit, the European Congress of Sport Science, Mindbody BOLD, Fitness Brazil, and the IHRSA Institute for Health Club Executives. Carlson is one of the top-rated Vistage speakers in North America.

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