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The Role of Reducing Blue Light in Improving Health & Fitness


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The Role of Reducing Blue Light in Improving Health & Fitness

Blue light is all around us, and most of us are unaware. Our screens, the lights in our house, nearly everywhere we look there is blue light. The impact of blue light on our natural circadian rhythms is striking. In the morning this blue light helps us wake effectively, getting us ready for the day. At night, a natural reduction in light from the sun helps us prepare to sleep. This equation worked well thousands of years ago when the only light we had was natural light from our sun. Not so, in modern times. Everything around us is designed to keep us (and, more importantly, our circadian rhythms) thinking it’s day time, greatly affecting sleep quality and all the knock-on effects that has on health.

To discuss this in episode 45, we’re joined by Dhruvin Patel, an optometrist and of founder Ocushield, a company that develops technology to filter out blue light. We found this conversation particularly insightful, not only with respect to the understanding of the role blue light plays in our circadian rhythms and sleep cycle, but also just the eye health plays in overall health. Dhruvin’s unique combination of his understanding of optometry, circadian rhythms, sleep, and health/fitness makes him the perfect person to guide us through our understanding of this important concept to help clients become healthier and reach their goals.

This is a great deep dive into many topics few fitness professionals likely consider. Not only will the foundations be discussed, but also some actionable and practical takeaways. This is a very high mileage area to address, because it’s so ever-present, while at the same time, so minimally considered. Most definitely a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Our Guest: Dr. Dhruvin Patel

Dhruvin Patel is a qualified optometrist, entrepreneur, founder and SeeEO of Ocushield, his company which he started in 2018. 

Dhruvin’s vision is to educate as many people around the world about the importance of improving our eye health as possible, and also about protecting our eyes from the harmful blue light that is being emitted from our smartphones and other tech devices. 

So far his company Ocushield has helped 100,000 eyes, and delivers eye saving products to over 70 countries. Dhruvin created a range of medically rated anti blue light glasses, protective devices for smartphones, laptops and iPads, as well as a low blue light lamp, the Oculamp. Dhruvin also has a keen philanthropic streak, which is why for every $1 spent with Ocushield, he has pledged to match this as a donation to Orbis, a charity which operates a flying eye hospital and which pioneers research to help combat serious eye diseases and blindness. 

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