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Your Body Isn’t Your Business Card w/Kelsi Ward


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Your Body Isn’t Your Business Card w/Kelsi Ward

In our Instagram influencer society, it is very common for fitness professionals to market themselves based on how they look (often in as little clothing as possible, as often as possible). While at first glance this seems like a time-tested marketing strategy for fitness professionals, there is one glaring issue with this approach – it alienates, and even scares off, the people that need fitness professionals help the most, but use it the least. We’re talking here about the 80% of the population that doesn’t engage with the commercial fitness industry because they don’t think the industry “gets them.”

Who can blame this 80% when they look at ads and Instagram posts of chiseled physique, 8-packs abs, perfect glutes, bulging biceps? In reality, none of those images look like the general public that desperately needs the help of fitness professionals. That’s not to say all is lost and fitness professionals should get more out of shape to better appeal to the masses. It’s more to say fitness professionals need to be conscious of, and intention in, their marketing, messaging, and imagery they use; or they’ll just keep fighting each other over the same 20% of the market they’ve been fighting over for nearly five decades.

This our topic in episode 50 of the Wellness Paradox, where we’re joined by Kelsi Ward. Kelsi is a young female fitness professional, who despite being in great physical shape, she has chosen to take a different path to her brand image and her business. Rather using her body as her business card, she is intentional about using other strategies and tactics that appeal more broadly that that other 80% of people. In doing so, Kelsi has built a thriving coaching business. In this conversation we discuss not only her philosophy on branding, messaging, and marketing, we’ll also does several other aspects of building a successful coaching business as a woman in a male dominated industry.

Our Guest: Kelsi Ward

Growing up Kelsi’s dad always called her “Little Warrior” which is where the name of her fitness coaching company came from. Her mission is to help badass people break through their own boundaries, and figure out what they are capable of mentally & physically, so that they can feel in control of their life again. She values: Humans > Clients and Achievements > Aesthetics. Her approach is: Straightforward > Special and Educated > Uninformed.

She lives to help clients be consistent in the kitchen through a strong understanding of food and nutrition, and feel confident in the gym by following a structured plan so they actually know what they’re doing. She believes in having a healthy, realistic, sustainable plan clients can stick to and maintain for the long haul without sacrificing their life, family, or the things they enjoy.

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