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Emotional Intelligence: Creating a Welcoming Lifestyle Community



Emotional Intelligence: Creating a Welcoming Lifestyle Community

Being a knowledgeable fitness professional is clearly important. Knowledge and intellect, while important, are not sufficient to be an effective fitness professional. Being effective means being able to use that knowledge to connect what you know, in a meaningful way, to the person that needs to know it. This is where emotional intelligence comes in.

Our guest in episode #98, Bob Esquerre, has made a career out of blending this knowledge about fitness and exercise with emotional intelligence. In this conversation Bob will share those insights with you. In a day and age where knowledge is quite ubiquitous (particularly with the growth of AI technology), emotional intelligence may be the most important set of skills to possess. As we’ll discuss in this conversation, as important as these skills are, they are often not taught and largely underemphasized in many academic settings, as well as certifications.

This is a highly practical conversation. Bob will use his unique background, from both inside and outside of the fitness industry, to provide a master class on the importance of developing emotional intelligence skills. He’ll provide several actionable steps fitness professionals can take to broaden their emotional intelligence to ensure they connect with their clients in a way that is both meaningful and drives positive health/fitness outcomes at the same time. 

Our Guest: Bob Esquerre, MA, NSCA-CPT

Bob Esquerre is both nationally and internationally recognized as a business planner, a leading educator and a programming specialist. Called a Trainer-of-Managers, a Trainer-of-Trainers and a “turn around” business specialist, Bob is an active participant in the global lecture circuit who advises club owners and fitness professionals about how to “make money!” He has served as Corporate Fitness Director for Equinox Fitness Clubs and Fitness Services Director for Northwest Athletic Clubs and Genesis Health Clubs.

As the CEO of the Esquerre Fitness Group, Bob leads a consulting team of subject matter experts who provide business solutions to the fitness industry as it strategically “Pivots” away from traditional fitness services. In the Post-COVID environment, he is (1) embracing the health and wellness needs of the global population by focusing on (2) training industry Stakeholders (Club/Studio Owners, Club/Studio Managers, Fitness Professionals & Staff Members) by broadening their Emotional Intelligence Skills. His strategic business focus is on our “core” business: our Customers, both inside and outside our 4 walls.

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