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The "Greying" of America Opportunity for Fit Pros


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By 2035 more Americans will be over the age of 65 than under the age of 18. This seismic shift in our population dynamics has implications for all industries, and the fitness industry is certainly no exception. Most strikingly, the fitness industry greatly underserves (or doesn’t serve at all, in some cases) the aging adult population. Given modern medicine continues to allow us to live longer (but not necessarily better) lives, fitness professionals have a real opportunity to improve their businesses and public health, at the same time, by focusing on the aging adult population.

In episode 92, Wellness Paradox host, Michael Stack, will dive into the implications of the “graying of America,” from both a broader healthcare perspective and a more specific fitness industry viewpoint. The goal of this episode, as Michael points out, is to better understand the opportunities that exist for the fitness industry and what actions need to be taken to capitalize on this opportunity, in the broader healthcare context.  

This discussion is full of a tremendous amount of actionable information that fitness professionals and industry leaders can incorporate into their businesses starting today to more effectively serve a segment of the market that desperately needs our help now, and will even more so in the future. 

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